Digital twin, the company that targets the match between reality and ideal 



2017. 6

Selected by a job-centered university and completed as an "excellent" company

2017. 11

"SKT MMS development and demonstration area HD map establishment business", SKT

2018. 1

Pedestrian recognition program test data acquisition for ADAS, Korea University

2018. 6

Developed Ulsan Techno industrial complex management system based on high precision image, USVR

2018. 10

Credit Guarantee Fund attracts INLIGHT VENTURES investment

2018. 11

Venture Business Certification


Map business registration

2017. 5

Awarded the "Excellent" Company Award by the Business Technology Scouting Program of the Leading University

2017. 10

Establishment of the Stryx

2017. 11

Optech Lynx MMS equipment performance verification and parameter submission service, geostory

2018. 2

Awarded "Excellent" by the laboratory-centered university demonstration day

2018. 9

Selected by Credit Guarantee Fund as the 4.0 Start-up

2018. 11

"Accuracy map automation and depth map development", TIPS business selection

2018. 12

Establishment of affiliated research institute



Sensor Integration

Sensor synchronization based on radar satellite calibration technology
- Development of Time Error Correction Algorithm
System Calibration
- Development of calibration technology for high precision surveying data

Hardware Tech

Mobile Mapping System 
- Construction of based on navigation device
- Sensor type/number can be controlled
SMMS(Street-view based MMS)
- Circuit configuration for complex sensors
- Direct production of DMI / frame / control system

A.I. Tech

Solution of automated Precision Road Map production
Automatically privacy filtering
Automatically facility management system

Software Tech

Automatic matching of MMS point cloud data
MMS + UAV converfence data finishing technology
AR navigation echnology
Optics / laser sensor finishing technology

Spaceborne Remote Sensing

Automation of satellite image processing

Geometric correction and orthographic processing

machine learning and time series anlaysis

Fusion between heterogeneous images (SAR, EO / IR)









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