Sensor Integration

Sensor synchronization based on radar satellite calibration technology
- Development of Time Error Correction Algorithm
System Calibration
- Development of calibration technology for high precision surveying data

Hardware Tech

Mobile Mapping System 
- Construction of based on navigation device
- Sensor type/number can be controlled
SMMS(Street-view based MMS)
- Circuit configuration for complex sensors
- Direct production of DMI / frame / control system

A.I. Tech

Solution of automated Precision Road Map production
Automatically privacy filtering
Automatically facility management system

Software Tech

Automatic matching of MMS point cloud data
MMS + UAV converfence data finishing technology
AR navigation echnology
Optics / laser sensor finishing technology

Spaceborne Remote Sensing

Automation of satellite image processing

Geometric correction and orthographic processing

machine learning and time series anlaysis

Fusion between heterogeneous images (SAR, EO / IR)